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Dato/tid 24.10.2017 15:16
Utsteder Axactor AB (publ)
UtstederID AXA
Instrument AXA
Marked OB
Informasjonspliktig   Informasjonspliktige opplysninger
Tittel Axactor and Geveran enter into binding agreements for the establishment of the Portfolio Investment Company
Oslo, 24 October 2017 - Reference is made to the announcement of 
14 August 2017 that Axactor AB (publ) ("Axactor") and Geveran 
Trading Co. Limited, a company indirectly controlled by trusts 
established by Mr. John Fredriksen for the benefit of his 
immediate family ("Geveran"), had signed a letter of intent 
regarding the establishment of a jointly owned portfolio 
investment company (the "Portfolio Investment Company"). Axactor 
is pleased to announce that the investment partnership agreement 
(the "Investment Partnership Agreement") for the establishment of 
the Portfolio Investment Company has now been entered into. 

As previously announced, the Portfolio Investment Company will 
focus on larger portfolios above EUR 30 million in Capex and have 
a first right of refusal on such portfolios. The Portfolio 
Investment Company will invest in new portfolios for a period of 
24 months after which the Portfolio Investment Company will 
continue to manage the portfolios acquired up until then. Axactor 
will continue to acquire commercially attractive portfolios below 
the EUR 30 million threshold on its own. The Portfolio Investment 
Company may acquire portfolios below EUR 30 million that Axactor 
does not acquire. The country operating subsidiaries of Axactor 
will enter into service agreements with the Portfolio Investment 
Company for the purpose of sourcing, managing and collecting on 
portfolios acquired and owned by the Portfolio Investment Company. 

The Portfolio Investment Company will be capitalised with minimum 
share capital of EUR 12,000 and with additional capital in the 
form of deeply subordinated income sharing notes (the "Income 
Sharing Notes") in the total amount of EUR 60 million. Axactor and 
Geveran will each own 50 per cent of the share capital of the 
Portfolio Investment Company, and each of Axactor and a company 
affiliated with Geveran will invest EUR 30 million in the Income 
Sharing Notes. The affiliate of Geveran has also committed to 
provide additional financing in the form of subordinated loan 
notes (the "Subordinated Loan Notes") in the amount of EUR 120 
million with an interest margin of 650 bps over EURIBOR. In 
addition, the Portfolio Investment Company has obtained commitment 
from a leading Nordic bank for a senior secured debt facility (the 
"Senior Secured Debt Facility") in the amount of EUR 120 million 
with a two year tenor whereof 40 million is an accordion facility. 
It is expected that final documentation for the Income Sharing 
Notes, the Subordinated Loan Notes and the Senior Secured Debt 
Facility will be completed in early Q4 2017. 

Subject to final loan documentation, the Portfolio Investment 
Company will have a total investment capacity of around EUR 300 
million and a highly competitive capital structure with attractive 
equity returns. 

Both Axactor and Geveran will be represented in the Board of 
Directors of the Portfolio Investment Company and will have veto 
rights on major decisions such as portfolio acquisitions and 
additional financing of the Portfolio Investment Company. Axactor 
will prepare and present business cases for portfolio purchases 
within the scope of the Portfolio Investment Company's business 
objective to the Board of Directors of the Portfolio Investment 
Company. The Investment Partnership Agreement also includes other 
customary provisions for this type of partnerships.

"We are very pleased to have entered into binding agreements for 
the establishment of the Portfolio Investment Partnership and soon 
be ready to make portfolio acquisitions in line with the plan that 
was communicated earlier. The Portfolio Investment Company alone 
has capacity to invest close to EUR 300 million with the total 
financing that has been secured at an attractive cost of capital. 
We see a strong pipeline of opportunities of portfolios of all 
sizes." says Endre Rangnes, CEO of Axactor.

DNB Markets, a part of DNB Bank ASA is acting as financial adviser 
and Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS is acting as legal adviser to 
Axactor in relation to the Portfolio Investment Company.

For additional information, please contact:

Endre Rangnes, CEO Axactor
Mobile phone: +47 4822 1111
Email: endre.rangnes@axactor.com


Geir Johansen, CFO & Investor Relations, Axactor
Mobile phone: +47 4771 0451
Email: geir.johansen@axactor.com

About Axactor
Axactor Group specializes in both Debt Collection and Debt 
Purchasing across several countries, with operations in Italy, 
Germany, Norway, Sweden and Spain. The company has a Nordic base 
and an ambitious Pan-European growth strategy, which targets the 
market for non-performing loans (NPL) in Europe. This market is 
estimated to be about 1,500 billion euros across Europe providing 
significant opportunities for Axactor's future expansion. Axactor 
has approximately 900 employees. 

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