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MeldingsID: 436351
Dato/tid 12.10.2017 16:55
Utsteder AF Gruppen ASA
UtstederID AFG
Instrument AFG
Marked OB
Informasjonspliktig   Informasjonspliktige opplysninger   Lagringspliktig melding
Tittel Share issue and sale of shares
The Board of Directors of AF Gruppen ASA (AFG) has decided to go 
through with the Company's share purchase program for employees.

543 employees have subscribed a total of 1,000,000 shares. The 
shares are subscribed at a price of NOK 115.80 per share, which 
corresponds to a 20 per cent discount compared to the average market 
price during the subscription period.

In connection with this, the Board has decided to sell 221,112 of 
the Company's own shares. The Company's holding of own shares after 
this transaction will be 0 shares.

The Board has also decided to issue 778,888 shares towards Company 
employees, in accordance with the Power of Attorney given by the 
General Assembly 12 May 2017. 

The Company's share capital will increase by NOK 38,944.40 after the 
issue of 778,888 shares with a nominal value of NOK 0.05 per share. 
When the share issue is completed, the number of shares in AF 
Gruppen ASA will be 97,961,000. New share capital in AF Gruppen ASA 
will be NOK 4,898,050.

The sale and issue of shares is expected to be completed October 
31st 2017.

A new certificate of registration will be submitted to Oslo Stock 
Exchange when it is available.

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