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MeldingsID: 436347
Dato/tid 12.10.2017 16:43
Utsteder Weifa ASA
UtstederID WEIFA
Marked OB
Informasjonspliktig   Informasjonspliktige opplysninger   Lagringspliktig melding
Tittel Compulsory acquisition of shares in Weifa ASA
Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement made by 
Karo Pharma AB ("Karo Pharma") on 6 October 2017 regarding 
completion of the voluntary offer (the "Voluntary Offer") 
for the shares in Weifa ASA ("Weifa").

Karo Pharma currently owns 35,553,352 shares in Weifa 
representing 97.48 % of Weifa's share capital and voting 

The board of directors of Karo Pharma has pursuant to 
Section 4-25 of the Norwegian Public Limited 
Companies Act and Section 6-22 of the Norwegian Securities 
Trading Act (the "STA") resolved to carry out a compulsory 
acquisition of all the remaining shares in Weifa not already 
owned by Karo Pharma (the "Minority Shares") effective from 
end of trading on Oslo Stock Exchange today.
In accordance with section 6-22 (2) of the STA, the offered 
redemption price for each Minority Share is NOK 35, which is 
equal to the offer price in the Voluntary Offer. 

As of today's date the rights and ownership of the Minority 
Shares will automatically be transferred to 
Karo Pharma, and accordingly Karo Pharma will from the day 
hereof be the beneficial owner of 100 per cent of the Weifa 

Karo Pharma has obtained a guarantee for the settlement 
under the compulsory acquisition in accordance with section 
6-22 (3) no. 3 of the STA. 

Any objections to, or rejection of, the offered redemption 
price must be made at the latest 15 December 2017. Former 
shareholders of Weifa who do not object to, or reject, the 
offered redemption price within this deadline will be deemed 
to have accepted the offered price. Settlement of the offer 
price to the minority shareholders will take place within 19 
October 2017. 

A letter regarding the compulsory acquisition will be sent 
to all former shareholders of Weifa whose addresses are 
known and whose shares have been acquired by way of the 
compulsory acquisition. In addition, the compulsory 
acquisition will be announced in the Brønnøysund Register 
Center's electronic publication.

As a result of the compulsory acquisition, Karo Pharma will 
pursue a delisting of the shares in Weifa from Oslo Stock 
Exchange. A separate stock exchange announcement will be 
published regarding such delisting.

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