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MeldingsID: 434263
Dato/tid 07.09.2017 08:00
Utsteder Magseis ASA
UtstederID MSEIS
Instrument MSEIS
Marked OAX
Informasjonspliktig Nei
Tittel Completed first modular ROV survey
Lysaker, Norway, 07 September 2017

Magseis is pleased to announce that it has recovered the last sensor 
on the 4D seabed seismic survey in the North Sea.  This marks the 
successful completion of the first large-scale survey conducted with 
Magseis' modular ROV-crew. 

Commenting on the completion of the survey, Magseis CEO Idar Horstad 
said: "This proves the efficiency of our modular-ROV based concept. 
We believe the concept holds significant potential for our clients 
in conducting more cost-efficient and flexible 4D surveys. Magseis 
is now actively marketing the crew across several regions".

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements according 
to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act  

* * *

Magseis ASA
Magseis is a rapidly growing Norwegian geophysical company providing 
ocean bottom seismic ("OBS") acquisition. The Company's proprietary 
Marine Autonomous Seismic System ("MASS") enables highly cost-
efficient acquisition and delivers superior data quality. The 
Company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has offices in Norway, 
Sweden and Singapore

For further information, please contact:

Idar Horstad, CEO
Tel: +47 91 53 62 58
Email: idar.horstad@magseis.com 

Mikkel Ektvedt, CFO
Tel:  +47 91 84 84 88 
Email: mikkel.ektvedt@magseis.com	

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