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MeldingsID: 433606
Dato/tid 28.08.2017 09:53
Utsteder Axactor AB (publ)
UtstederID AXA
Instrument AXA
Marked OB
Informasjonspliktig   Informasjonspliktige opplysninger
Tittel Allotment of employee stock options
Oslo 28 August 2017 - On 31 May 2017, the annual general meeting 
of Axactor AB (publ) resolved to issue a new incentive program for 
the group management, country managers, employees in managing 
positions within each country manager's organizations respectively 
and other key employees (the "Program").The new Program is based 
on the same principles as the previous program issued in November 
2015. The duration of the Program is four years. Under the 
Program, the board of directors was authorised to award employee 
stock options that in total give the right to subscribe for up to 
40 million new shares in Axactor AB (publ). As per today, a total 
of 14,500,000 employee stock options have been awarded to members 
in the group management and other important key employees on the 
group level. The complete terms and conditions for the Program can 
be found at https://www.axactor.com/sites/default/files/item_16a_-

The following primary insiders have been awarded employee stock 
options under the Program:

Endre Rangnes, CEO, has been awarded 5,000,000 options in Axactor 
AB (publ)

Johnny Tsolis, EVP & S&P, has been awarded 3,000,000 options in 
Axactor AB (publ)

Oddgeir Hansen, COO, has been awarded 3,000,000 options in Axactor 
AB (publ)

Geir Johansen, CFO, has been awarded 750,000 options in Axactor AB 

Robin Knowles, EVP PA, has been awarded 1,250,000 options in 
Axactor AB (publ)

Siv Farstad, EVP HR, has been awarded 1,000,000 options in Axactor 
AB (publ)

Anders Gulbrandsen, Treasury Manager, has been awarded 200,000 
options in Axactor AB (publ)

Eilif Drageseth, Business Controller, has been awarded 100,000 
options in Axactor AB (publ)

Anita Høst, Head of Legal and Compliance, has been awarded 200,000 
options in Axactor AB (publ)

One option can be converted into one share in Axactor AB (publ). 

For additional information, please contact:

Endre Rangnes, CEO Axactor

Mobile phone: +47 4822 1111

Email: endre.rangnes@axactor.com


Geir Johansen, CFO & Investor Relations, Axactor

Mobile phone: +47 4771 0451

Email: geir.johansen@axactor.com


About Axactor

Axactor Group specializes in both Debt Collection and Debt 
Purchasing across several countries, with operations in Italy, 
Germany, Norway, Sweden and Spain. The company has a Nordic base 
and an ambitious Pan-European growth strategy, which targets the 
market for non-performing loans (NPL) in Europe. This market is 
estimated to be about 1,500 billion euros across Europe providing 
significant opportunities for Axactor's future expansion. Axactor 
has approximately 888 employees.

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