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Dato/tid 16.12.2016 09:21
Utsteder Oceanteam ASA
UtstederID OTS
Marked OB,ABM
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Oceanteam's subsidiary Diavaz-Oceanteam Shipping (DOT) has come to an agreement
with seller Pacific Radiance to postpone the delivery of the CSV Tampamachoco 1
(T1) for one year. Delivery is now scheduled for January 2018. The Oceanteam
joint venture with Mexican-based Diavaz however holds an option to further delay
the delivery for another year. Pacific Radiance will absorb the additional costs
for the deferred delivery.

The vessel, which just completed her sea trails last November, is build on time,
within budget and has already secured post delivery finance. Nevertheless, DOT
and Pacific Radiance agreed that under current market circumstances it is
prudent to postpone. However the vessel can be delivered on short notice when
market circumstances improve.

Haico Halbesma, CEO of Oceanteam explains: "As a result of the ongoing
challenging oil and gas market and thanks to the co-operative relationship
between our companies, we have mutually agreed to delay the delivery of the
vessel until January 2018."

New generation support vessel
T1 is the first in a series of a new generation topside and subsea maintenance
vessels, developed by DOT Shipping and sailing under Mexican Flag. The T1 is a
DP3 multi purpose, 300 p.a.x. vessel, which combines a 300 tons top side crane
with an additional subsea crane capability, a 29 meter beam and a high capacity
walk-to-work-system that is permanently installed. The combination of an
innovative approach, long-time experience and strong engineering input from the
DOT partners assures that new standards are set not only in position keeping
capability, but also in terms of fuel consumption and comfort.

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About Oceanteam ASA
The Company is comprised of two operating segments, Oceanteam Shipping and
Oceanteam Solutions. Oceanteam Shipping owns, charters and manages deep-water
offshore support vessels and fast support vessels. Oceanteam Solutions focus is
to provide its clients with complete offshore solutions. Oceanteam ASA has been
active in the industry as an offshore solutions provider for over ten years.

About DOT Shipping
DOT Shipping is a joint venture between Grupo Diavaz of Mexico and Oceanteam
ASA. DOT is also 50% owner of DOT Radiance and holds the option to buy out
Pacific Radiance at a certain point in time against pre-agreed terms. DOT
Shipping is a vertically integrated company operating as both ship owner and
experienced operator and manager of Offshore Services Vessels in Mexico.

For more information: www.oceanteam.no

For further information about Oceanteam ASA please contact:
  CEO Haico Halbesma   +31 20 535 7570   haico@oceanteam.no

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section
5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.


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