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Dato/tid 28.06.2016 16:38
Utsteder Siem Offshore Inc.
UtstederID SIOFF
Instrument SIOFF
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Tittel Siem Offshore Contractors awarded Contract for the Beatrice OWF
Siem Offshore Contractors GmbH ("SOC"), a wholly owned 
subsidiary of Siem Offshore Inc., announced today, that SOC 
has been awarded the contract for the turnkey supply and 
installation package of the inner array grid cable system 
for the 588 megawatt (MW) Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm 
("OWF") by SHL Offshore Contractors BV. The contract 
confirms the continued expansion into the Offshore Renewable 
Energy Market for the Siem Offshore group.

The project has been developed by Scottish and Southern 
Energy ("SSE") (40%), Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners 
("CIP") (35%) and State Development & Investment Corporation 
("SIDC") Power (25%) and has already reached financial close 
status on 23. May 2016.

The Beatrice OWF is located off the North East coast of 
Scotland, and features sixty-four 7 MW Siemens supplied Wind 
Turbine Generators which shall be inter-connected by an 
inner array grid of ninety-one 33 kV medium voltage 
alternating current  submarine composite cables with a total 
length of up to 164 km. 

SOC will be utilising vessels and resources within the Siem 
Offshore group, whereby the combined capabilities of Siem 
Offshore's marine operations and the project management, 
engineering and installation experience of SOC will form a 
strong resource base to benefit the project.

In addition to the submarine cable installation works, SOC 
will also provide associated materials and services 
including the supply of the submarine composite cables, 
cable protection systems and related accessories as well as 
post-installation termination, trenching and testing 

The offshore works for the IAG cable system are due to begin 
in 2017, whereby the project is scheduled to be completed 
before the end of Q3 2018.

For further information, please contact:

Regis Rougier
Managing Director
Siem Offshore Contractors GmbH
Phone +47 90 752 676

Idar Hillersøy
Chief Executive Officer
Siem Offshore Inc.
Phone +47 91 676 812

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