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Dato/tid 09.12.2015 08:07
Utsteder NEL ASA
UtstederID NEL
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Tittel NEL ASA: NEL's subsidiary H2 Logic to supply hydrogen fueling station for H2 Mobility Germany - with option for multiple repeat-orders
(Oslo, 9 December 2015) H2 Logic A/S (H2 Logic), a subsidiary of NEL ASA (NEL),
has been awarded a contract for one H2Station fueling station for H2 MOBILITY
Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG with an option for multiple repeat-orders. The station
will be one among the first in a planned staged expansion onwards 2023 of up to
400 stations in Germany and a total investment of around  Euro  400 million

"We look forward to provide our H2Station fueling solution to H2 Mobility. This
provides H2 Logic a strong showcase and presence in Europe's key market for
hydrogen fueling. It also shows that our H2Station technology and track-record
is appreciated by our customers", says Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of H2 Logic.

H2 Mobility is a joint venture among six major industrial companies: Air
Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and Total. The action plan for H2 Mobility
envisages a Germany-wide network of 400 hydrogen fueling stations by 2023, which
would make Germany the first country to offer an inter-regional network where
fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) can fill up with hydrogen.

The H2Station® to be supplied by H2 Logic will be part of stage one of the
action plan, which envisages the accelerated set-up of 100 stations over the
next few years. The H2Station® will be installed in a city in the Northern part
of Germany during 2016. H2 Logic is to provide a turn-key solution and is
expected to manage the entire permitting, civil works and installation process.
The station will be one among the first in a planned staged expansion towards
2023 of up to 400 stations in Germany and a total investment of around  Euro  400

H2 Logic will build on years of experience in installing and servicing
H2Station® in seven European countries, including Germany, and a long track
-record of reliable operation and high performance. In 2014 H2 Logic was the
first in Germany to achieve approval for fueling according to SAE-J2601-2014
standard, by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) after extensive third-party
acceptance and verification tests.

For additional information, please contact:

Lars Christian Stugaard, acting chief executive officer of NEL, +47 47 63 05 22

About NEL

NEL ASA is the first dedicated hydrogen company on the Oslo Stock Exchange.
Since its foundation in 1927, NEL Hydrogen has a proud history of development
and continual improvement of hydrogen plants. NEL is global a supplier of
hydrogen solutions, covering the entire value chain from hydrogen production
technologies to hydrogen refuelling stations for fuel cell electric vehicles. H2
Logic A/S is a leading manufacturer of H2Station® hydrogen refuelling stations
that provides fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fuelling and long
range as conventional vehicles today. www.nel-asa.com

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