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MeldingsID: 356910
Dato/tid 07.07.2014 08:01
Utsteder Otello Corporation ASA
Marked OB
Informasjonspliktig   Informasjonspliktige opplysninger   Lagringspliktig melding
Tittel Exercise of employee share options
1. Participants in the Company's share option program have on July 4th
2014 exercised a total number of 83.650 options, of which 42 500 options
were settled in cash.
Following the share option exercise, the Board of Directors, pursuant to
authorization granted by the company`s Annual General Meeting, has
resolved to increase the Company`s share capital by NOK 823 by issuing
41 150 new shares, of par value NOK 0,02. Following the increase the
Company`s share capital is NOK 2,852,544.76 divided into 142 627 238
2. Options exercised by primary insiders July 4th 2014:
Audun Wickstrand Iversen has exercised 12 500 options in the Company,
corresponding to 12 500 shares at the strike price of NOK 22.14. The
options were settled in cash and the payment has been determined based
on a selling price of NOK 80.45 per share.

3. New holding
After exercising options, Audun Wickstrand Iversen holds 17 500
unexercised options in the Company, corresponding to 17 500 shares at
the strike price of NOK 21.90. As of today the primary insider holds
holds 25,000 shares in the company through Naben, 100% owned by Iversen.

Petter Lade, Investor Relations

Tel: +47 2369 2400

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