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Dato/tid 28.05.2013 07:30
Utsteder Dolphin Group ASA
UtstederID DOLP
Instrument DOLP
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Quarterly highlights - Q1 2013	

· Revenues of USD  69.1 million, compared to USD 34.6 
million in Q1 2012
· EBITDA of USD 22.9 million(33,1%) , improved from 
USD  2.6  million in Q1 2012
· EBIT of USD 13.8 million (20,0%), compared to 
negative USD  3.1  million in Q1 2012
· Net Income before tax of USD 10.6 million, compared 
to negative USD 1.4 million in Q1 2012
· Dolphin fleet were primarily allocated to exclusive 
contract work worth USD 60 million and with  limited 
Multi-Client (MCS) investments of USD 4.8 million for 
the quarter
· Strong margin contribution from the high capacity 
3D vessels Polar Duke and Polar Duchess, though less 
contribution from the lower capacity vessels
· Encouraging organic growth in Dolphin processing, 
external contract revenues of USD 1.9 million for Q1 
confirming market acceptance.

Q1 2013 subsequent events

· Dolphin increase Loan Facility to USD 73 million to 
accommodate purchase of equipment for "Geo Atlantic", 
to be delivered in January 2014
· Seismic vessel capacity expansion on track, the 
high capacity 3D vessel, M/V  Sanco Swift, is 
scheduled for delivery in July 2013

Atle Jacobsen, Dolphin Group CEO, commented:

"Dolphin continues to deliver solid earnings from a 
fleet, which is soon to be doubled in size.
We experience improved market conditions ahead and 
Dolphin becomes an even more attractive service 
provider as major clients experience our efficient 
operations with modern high capacity vessels. 

We see effective day-rates continue to increase, 
however for our clients, Dolphin vessels provide more 
seismic volume data for less money, which enable 
clients to better assess their overall exploration 
and production risks".

Further Atle Jacobsen (CEO) and Erik Hokholt (CFO) 
will give a presentation of the quarterly results at 
Hotel Continental, Stortingsgaten 24-26, and Oslo at 
09:30 a.m. (CET). The presentation is open to the 

Please find attached the Q1 2013 earnings release and 

This information is subject of the disclosure 
requirements according to section 5-12 of the 
Norwegian Securities Trading Act. 

For further information, please contact: 

Atle Jacobsen, CEO  
Mobile:	+47 97 71 53 36 
E-mail:	atle.jacobsen@dolphingeo.com 

Erik Hokholt, CFO  
Mobile:	+47 90 75 60 64 
E-mail:	erik.hokholt@dolphingeo.com  

Dolphin Group ASA 
Helsfyr Atrium  
Innspurten 15 
0663 OSLO 

Phone:	+47 23 16 70 00 
Fax:	+47 23 16 71 80    


Dolphin Group ASA is the parent company of Dolphin 
Geophysical AS, a global full-range, asset light 
supplier of marine geophysical services. Dolphin 
operates a fleet of new generation, high capacity 
seismic vessels and offers contract seismic surveys, 
Multi-Client projects and processing services on a 
worldwide basis. 
Dolphin Group ASA is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange 
(OSE ticker: DOLP).

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