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Dato/tid 26.03.2013 09:29
Utsteder NattoPharma ASA
UtstederID NATTO
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Tittel MenaQ7® brand Vitamin K2 intake prevents bone loss and improves bone impact strength in postmenopausal women
26th March 2013 Oslo, Norway. NattoPharma announces today the
publication of a ground-breaking new study on its proprietary MenaQ7®
brand of Natural Vitamin K2 standardized to MK-7 content. The company
initiated the three-year clinical intervention study on the effects of
MenaQ7 on bone health and it is now available online in the leading
journal Osteoporosis International as an Online First Article (DOI

The MenaQ7 supplementation group significantly increased the circulating
active Osteocalcin (cOC), a well-established biomarker for bone- and
vitamin K status. The inactive protein, ucOC, in the MenaQ7 group,
decreased with 51% +/- 21 % as compared to the placebo group (+4 % +/-
49%). This is pointing to the positive MenaQ7 bone effect. After three
years of supplementation, improvements in both bone mineral content
(BMC) and bone mineral density (BMD) were statistically significant in
the MenaQ7 group. Moreover bone strength (BS) was statistically
improved, demonstrating therapeutic benefits for the MenaQ7 group as
compared to the placebo group.

"These demonstrated improvements in clinical outcomes are extremely
important", says Dr. Cees Vermeer, Principal Investigator for the study
at VitaK laboratory at Maastricht University. "Despite reports on small
or insignificant effects on bone health after clinical interventional
studies on vitamin K2 - lasting up to one year - we have documented that
MenaQ7 supplementation over three years prevents bone loss in
premenopausal women, confirming that bone health benefits of vitamin K2
is best demonstrated over longer periods than previously thought. The
dose of 180 mcg of MenaQ7 per day significantly decrease age-related
loss in bone mass and thereby improvements in bone strength."

Hogne Vik, CEO of NattoPharma, comments, "The results from the three
-year human study on MenaQ7® show for the first time in history that
daily intake of 180 micrograms MenaQ7 may help postmenopausal women to
prevent bone loss, and therefore may drastically delay development of

Frode M. Boahn, Chairman of the NattoPharma Board, promises,
"NattoPharma will actively use the findings together with our customers
and partners to improve our commercial platform, commercializing MenaQ7®
in the supplement and functional food markets throughout the world".

In total 244 women were included in the study and randomly assigned to
either a non-treatment group receiving placebo capsules (n=124) or a
treatment group receiving capsules containing 180 mcg MenaQ7 (n=120).
One capsule was taken daily during a period of 36 months. Participants
came to the research site every year (0, 1, 2 and 3 years) for
measurements of body weight and height, blood sampling and DXA
measurements. The compliance was 91.4% of the randomized participants
staying in the study until its completion.

Osteoporosis is a disease that leads to an increased risk of fractures
of bones. In osteoporosis the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced,
bone micro architecture deteriorates, and the amount and variety of
proteins in the bone is altered.

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis is
estimated to affect 75 million people in Europe, USA and Japan. The
results of NattoPharma's current study show that MenaQ7 plays a positive
role in bone health. Both the amount of bone and quality of bone are
better conserved in the MenaQ7 group.
About MenaQ7®
MenaQ7® provides natural vitamin K2 as a manufactured fermentation
extract. This process generates a highly pure and bio-available form of
vitamin K2, menaquinone-7(MK-7). MenaQ7 is the purest and best
documented natural vitamin K2 with guaranteed actives and stability,
clinical substantiation and several granted patents on cardiovascular

About NattoPharma
As a biotechnology-based nutraceutical company, NattoPharma is the
worldwide innovator and leader of Vitamin K2 menaquinone-7. Its brand
MenaQ7® is supported by a global IPR portfolio and revolutionary
research substantiating clear efficacy for bone and cardiovascular
health. NattoPharma has since 2007 been in an exclusive research and
development collaboration with VitaK, University in Maastricht, The
Netherlands, working to substantiate the health benefits of natural
vitamin K2.

For more information, please contact:

Hogne Vik

CEO, NattoPharma

Cell phone: +47 97 53 53 26

E-mail: hogne.vik@nattopharma.com

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