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Dato/tid 25.11.2011 14:57
Utsteder Asia Offshore Drilling Limited
UtstederID AOD
Marked OAX
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Tittel AOD - Asia Offshore Drilling Ltd reports Fourth Quarter 2011 Results and Preliminary 2011 Accounts
- Asia Offshore Drilling Limited ("Asia Offshore 
Drilling") generated fourth quarter 2011 EBITDA*) of 
minus US$ 3.4 million
- Asia Offshore Drilling reported for the fourth 
quarter 2011 a net loss of US$ 3.4 million and loss 
per share of US$ 0.09
- On 1 July, Asia Offshore Drilling completed an US$ 
80 million private placement and issued 20 million 
new shares at a subscription price of US$ 4.00 per 
- On 7 July, Asia Offshore Drilling entered into a 
construction contract for its third newbuild jack-up 
drilling rig at Keppel FELS with an estimated 
construction price of US$184 million
- Asia Offshore Drilling was listed in Norway on Oslo 
Axess on 15 July 2011
- Asia Offshore Drilling decided to increase the 
water depth capacity from 350 feet to 400 feet for 
its three jack-up rigs under construction
- Asia Offshore Drilling decided not to exercise its 
last option to construct a jack-up rig at Keppel FELS

*) EBITDA is defined as earnings before interest, 
taxes, depreciation and amortisation. Operating 
profit equals EBITDA plus depreciation and 

Condensed Consolidated Income Statements 

2011 results
Operating loss for the year was US$ 4.1 million. Net 
loss for the year was US$ 3.9 million, corresponding 
to a net loss per share of US$ 0.10. 

Fourth Quarter results 
Operating loss for the quarter was US$ 3.4 million 
compared to a loss of US$ 0.3 million in the 
preceding quarter. 

Net loss for the quarter was US$ 3.4 million as 
compared to loss of US$ 0.3 million in the preceding 

Net loss per share was US$ 0.09 for the quarter as 
compared to loss per share of US$ 0.015 in the 
preceding quarter. 

The Board of Directors 
Asia Offshore Drilling Limited 
Hamilton, Bermuda 
25 November 2011 

Attached please find a full quarterly report.

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