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MeldingsID: 206445
Dato/tid 02.04.2008 16:54
Utsteder Trolltech ASA
UtstederID TROLL
Instrument TROLL
Marked OB
Informasjonspliktig   Informasjonspliktige opplysninger   Lagringspliktig melding
Tittel Nokia controls 98.9 % of issued shares in Trolltech ASA
Espoo, Finland and Oslo, Norway - Nokia announced on
January 28, 2008 its intention to launch a public
voluntary tender offer to acquire all outstanding
shares in Trolltech ASA (TROLL). The offer was
launched February 20, 2008, offering NOK 16 per
share in cash subject to certain conditions. 
As of March 19, 2008, Nokia announced the extension
of the offer period until Wednesday April 2, 2008 at
16:30 CET. As of the expiry of the extended offer
period Nokia contols 52 137 366 shares, representing
98.9 % of the issued shares and 92.2 % of the fully
diluted shares in Trolltech ASA. The final number of
acceptances may be altered due to possible
corrections and changes following registration with
the Verdipapirsentralen (VPS). 
Nokia`s NOK 16 per share cash offer is subject to
certain conditions, which have been outlined in the
offer document. In relation to the 90 % minimum
acceptance condition, Nokia confirms that this
condition has now been fulfilled.
The complete details of the offer, including all
terms and conditions, are described in the offer
document which was sent to all Trolltech
shareholders on February 20, 2008. 
Further information on the offer can be obtained from: 
Nordea Corporate Finance 
Tel: +47 22 48 50 00 
Fax: +47 22 69 05 09 

About Nokia 
Nokia is the world leader in mobility, driving the
transformation and growth of the converging Internet
and communications industries. Nokia makes a wide
range of mobile devices and provides people with
experiences in music, navigation, video, television,
imaging, games and business mobility through these
devices. Nokia also provides equipment, solutions
and services for communications networks. www.nokia.com

About Trolltech
Trolltech provides cross-platform software
development frameworks and application platforms.
Trolltech`s Qt is used in popular software such as
Skype, Google Earth, Adobe Photoshop Elements,
Lucasfilm and by more than 5000 customers worldwide.
Trolltech`s Qtopia has enabled a new generation of
exciting consumer devices such as mobile handsets,
video-phones, set-top boxes and media players.
Trolltech`s software has shipped in more than 10
million devices.

Trolltech`s products enable companies to easily
build and deploy software across a wide range of
operating systems and electronic devices. The
company serves desktop and embedded application
providers, as well as consumer electronics and
mobile vendors, who face challenges in delivering
user-friendly and differentiated software. Trolltech
enables customers to accelerate innovation, shorten
time to market and increase revenues. Trolltech`s
software improves the user experience by increasing
the appeal and quality of customer`s applications on
desktop and devices. The future proof Qt software
allows developers to code less, create more and
deploy anywhere.

Trolltech supports open source and commercial
customers. The company has offices in California,
U.S.A.; Brisbane, Australia; Beijing, China; Berlin
and Munich, Germany; Oslo, Norway. It is listed on
the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol
TROLL. For more information about Trolltech, please
visit www.trolltech.com.

This communication is no offer to acquire shares or
options in Trolltech. Such offer will be made only
in accordance with an offer document approved under
the Norwegian securities trading act and to such
persons who may lawfully receive the offer.

It should be noted that certain statements herein
which are not historical facts, including, without
limitation, those regarding: A) the timing of
product, service and solution deliveries; B) our
ability to develop, implement and commercialize new
products, services, solutions and technologies; C)
expectations regarding market growth, developments
and structural changes; D) expectations regarding
our mobile device volume growth, market share,
prices and margins; E) expectations and targets for
our results of operations; F) the outcome of pending
and threatened litigation; G) expectations regarding
the successful completion of contemplated
acquisitions on a timely basis and our ability to
achieve set targets upon the completion of such
acquisitions; and H) statements preceded by
`believe,` `expect,` `anticipate,` `foresee,`
`target,` `estimate,` `designed,` `plans,` `will` or
similar expressions are forward-looking statements.
These statements are based on management`s best
assumptions and beliefs in light of the information
currently available to it. Because they involve
risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ
materially from the results that we currently
expect. Factors that could cause these differences
include, but are not limited to: 1) competitiveness
of our product portfolio; 2) our ability to identify
key market trends and to respond timely and
successfully to the needs of our customers; 3) the
extent of the growth of the mobile communications
industry, as well as the growth and profitability of
the new market segments within that industry which
we target; 4) the availability of new products and
services by network operators and other market
participants; 5) our ability to successfully manage
costs; 6) the intensity of competition in the mobile
communications industry and our ability to maintain
or improve our market position and respond
successfully to changes in the competitive
landscape; 7) the impact of changes in technology
and our ability to develop or otherwise acquire
complex technologies as required by the market, with
full rights needed to use; 8) timely and successful
commercialization of complex technologies as new
advanced products, services and solutions; 9) our
ability to protect the complex technologies, which
we or others develop or that we license, from claims
that we have infringed third parties` intellectual
property rights, as well as our unrestricted use on
commercially acceptable terms of certain
technologies in our products, services and solution
offerings; 10) our ability to protect numerous Nokia
patented, standardized, or proprietary technologies
from third party infringement or actions to
invalidate the intellectual property rights of these
technologies; 11) our ability to manage efficiently
our manufacturing and logistics, as well as to
ensure the quality, safety, security and timely
delivery of our products, services and solutions;
12) inventory management risks resulting from shifts
in market demand; 13) our ability to source quality
components and sub-assemblies without interruption
and at acceptable prices; 14) Nokia`s and Siemens`
ability to 
successfully integrate the operations, personnel and
supporting activities of their respective businesses
as a result of the merger of Nokia`s networks
business and Siemens` carrier-related operations for
fixed and mobile networks forming Nokia Siemens
Networks; 15) whether, as a result of investigations
into alleged violations of law by some current or
former employees of Siemens, government authorities
or others take actions against Siemens and/or its
employees that may involve and affect the
carrier-related assets and employees transferred by
Siemens to Nokia Siemens Networks, or there may be
undetected additional violations that may have
occurred prior to the transfer, or ongoing
violations that may occur after the transfer, of
such assets and employees that could result in
additional actions by government authorities; 16)
the expense, time, attention and resources of Nokia
Siemens Networks and our management to detect,
investigate and resolve any situations related to
alleged violations of law involving the assets and
employees of Siemens carrier-related operations
transferred to Nokia Siemens Networks; 17) any
impairment of Nokia Siemens Networks customer
relationships resulting from the ongoing government
investigations involving the Siemens carrier-related
operations transferred to Nokia Siemens Networks;
18) developments under large, multi-year contracts
or in relation to major customers; 19) general
economic conditions globally and, in particular,
economic or political turmoil in emerging market
countries where we do business; 20) our success in
collaboration arrangements relating to development
of technologies or new products, services and
solutions; 21) the success, financial condition and
performance of our collaboration partners, suppliers
and customers; 22) any disruption to information
technology systems and networks that our operations
rely on; 23) exchange rate fluctuations, including,
in particular, fluctuations between the euro, which
is our reporting currency, and the US dollar, the
Chinese yuan, the UK pound sterling and the Japanese
yen, as well as certain other currencies; 24) the
management of our customer financing exposure; 25)
allegations of possible health risks from
electromagnetic fields generated by base stations
and mobile devices and lawsuits related to them,
regardless of merit; 26) unfavorable outcome of
litigations; 27) our ability to recruit, retain and
develop appropriately skilled employees; and 28) the
impact of changes in government policies, laws or
regulations; as well as the risk factors specified
on pages 12-24 of Nokia`s annual report on Form 20-F
for the year ended December 31, 2006 under `Item 3.D
Risk Factors.` Other unknown or unpredictable
factors or underlying assumptions subsequently
proving to be incorrect could cause actual results
to differ materially from those in the
forward-looking statements. Nokia does not undertake
any obligation to update publicly or revise
forward-looking statements, whether as a result of
new information, future events or otherwise, except
to the extent legally required.


Media Enquiries:
Nokia Communications 
Tel. +358 7180 34900
Email: press.services@nokia.com

Investor Contacts:
Investor Relations, Europe
Tel. +358 7180 34289 
Nokia Investor Relations US
Tel. +1 914 368 0555


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